UK Drone Licenses for Recreational and Commercial use explained

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I am soon on my way to the UK and decided to buy my new DJI Phantom 4 Professional Drone. I want to get some nice sunset and country side shots while I’m there. I’m thinking about doing a road trip so this will be the ideal time to get a wide range of different sights and landscapes as we tour the country.

Before I arrive to the UK, I thought it would be best to do some research on flying Drones in England. I found a lot of information which I have shared with you below. This will keep us within laws and not get into trouble.

What I found on UK Drone Licenses for Recreational and Commercial use

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (or drones) for aerial filming and other activities in the UK airspace is governed by the CAA.  UAV regulations and guidelines have been set, but they are also evolving as the technology and the industry evolves.   Note that what follows is a general summary and full details can be viewed on the CAA’s website where you will find links to the relevant documents and sections on each aspect of UAV operation according to weight and other criteria.

Companies doing commercial work are usually issued with a PfAW (Permission for Aerial Work) document by the CAA having undergone the required training and assessment.  This permission is renewed annually.

Anyone using a small drone needs to be aware of the regulations contained in the Air Navigation Order.

This short video guide for what is expected for every drone operator.

The regulations are designed to make UAV flying safe for everyone i.e.other airspace users, those on the ground, and the UAV operators themselves.  Some details may change over time so always use the CAA’s website for the latest versions.

Below are the basic rules to which all UAV pilots must adhere when flying UAV weighing 20 kg or less that are equipped with cameras of various types.

The flight must not put anyone or anything in danger of injury or damage.

The aircraft should be kept within the visual line of site of RP (Remote Pilot – the person operating it).  This is considered to be a maximum of 400ft vertically and a distance of 500m horizontally.  Approval to operate flights beyond these limits must be obtained from the CAA.

  • Depending on the airspace in which the flight is to take place the RP may need to obtain permission from the appropriate ATU (Air Traffic Unit).
  • Not over or within 150m of any congested area (exceptions detailed in CAA Information Notice IN-2014/1900)
  • Not over or within 150m of a crowd of 1,000 persons or more.
  • Not within 50m of any person, vessel, vehicle, or structure which is not under the control of the RP.
  • Not within 30m of any person, vessel, vehicle, or structure which is under the control of the RP
  • The RP has the responsibility that the flight can be conducted safely.

Get a drone that shows you the distance on your receiver or monitor. Any of these Approved professional drones can work. Keep track of your height and distance.

I also found a site called NO FLY ZONE UK which alerts you know where NOT to fly your drone. Another site called lets you search attractions by name, city, or country to find out where you can and can’t operate a drone.

More detailed Information can be found below

>  General enquiries about Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) and the CAA’s regulatory safety framework for commercial and recreational and

>  Detailed guidance on operating SUA within London and other towns and cities: and

>  UK Law: Air Navigation Order (ANO) Articles 166 and 167 pertaining to small unmanned aircraft:

>  Demonstrating pilot competency at a National Qualified Entity (NQE) for the grant of CAA permission to work commercially (‘aerial work’): and and

>  Collecting images with an SUA:  Data Protection Act:

I hope this helps you as much as it did for me.

Stock Aerial Videos and Photos of Barbados Travel Destination Island of the Caribbean

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Recently, I’ve spent lots of time gathering stock aerial videos of the amazing and beautiful scenic views of Barbados’ coastlines and country sides.

Before I got out on the beaches to do the magic, I had to invest in a few items to get the job done. I first needed a Professional Drone and a good Video editing system.

They are so many types on the market and I was a bit confused at first. After doing some research, a few drones really stood out. These were the DJI Professional, Phantom 3 Professtional, the Phantom 4 and  the Yuneec Typhoon 4k.

I narrowed it down to the Phantom 3 Professional and the Yuneec Typhoon 4k. I will definitely upgrade to the Phantom 4 soon to keep at a great quality and allow for more advanced features.

For the Video editing system, I decided to go with the ASUS i7 Gaming Laptop. This works perfectly for me although some friends still insist that I should get a Macbook Pro. All in all my new powerful laptop gets the job done well.

I did the video below: It’s a Drone Aerial Barbados Reel  I have created to feature some of the many sample shots available for sale in my Stock Aerial Video Portfolio.

Some of the locations featured are listed below the video.

Barbados – Stock Aerial Footage locations and where you can purchase the clips in High Defination quality without watermark:

Bridgetown, Marina and Bay
Bridgetown, Cruise Ship Terminal with ships docked just after sunset
Brownes Beach
Pebbles Beach featuring Yachts and boasts in the Ocean
Holetown coastline
St.peters Bay – West coast
Speightstown near the Jetty – Followed Watersports Speedboats
Port St. Charles man made Island and Marina
Port Ferdinand Marina and Restaurant
East coast, Cattle Wash, Round Rock, Soup Bowl
Bottom Bay on South Coast
Sandy Lane Golf Course
Baje Crop Over Truck
Night Shots in Bridgetown
Jolly Roger Party Cruise Sailing in the ocean
JetSki Gopro Shots

I have many  more! All Aerial Stock Images, Photos and videos can be found here –

Music: Biggie Irie – Money Well Spent – Barbados Crop Over 2016 Soca

A few sample Photos I took below:

photo test - 4k DJI Phantom 3 professional Drone Sale

Barbados Aerial Stock Royalty free photo

DJI Phantom 4 Drone Sale

246 Drones – Stock Aerial Video and Photography

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