Social Media Management & Marketing

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Our social media management services save businesses more time and generate more results.

Milan Portfolio has managed a range of social media marketing campaigns. Our work shows that our company knows how to optimize your social media channels to satisfy your marketing objectives. We are very skilled with converting social media advertising investments into more leads and sales. Whatever your business is, whether in real estate, consumer products, or nonprofits, our social media management services position your business for success. Milan Portfolio prides itself in driving real, organic traffic to our clients’ websites and store fronts guaranteed.

We use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to accomplish your brand’s social media objectives. Each social media platform is used differently to connect with potential buyers.

We offer several services to help your business grow on social media:

  1. Creating Effective Engaging Social Media Advertisements

Our company generates visual social media advertisements that are proven to attract attention and gain new customers. From creating advertising scripts, adding the most effective colors to images to creating high quality videos, our advertising specialists will use best practices that are guaranteed to work. The social media advertising services we provide drive sales and awareness.

  1. Laser-Targeting a Specific, Relevant Audience:

If you have great products, we can connect your business to customers who may be willing to buy them. By using advanced functions of social media sites and leveraging proprietary technology, our team can laser-target people who are likely to transact.

  1. Custom Content Creation

We create unique and custom content based on your needs. We consult with you and provide high quality photography, videos and product & promotional text that inspire customers to purchase.

  1. Interactive Engagement

Interactive engagement consists of engaging and interacting with potential buyers on social media. This involves posting content that drives likes, retweets, comments, and shares.

  1. Awareness & Follower Growth

This involves organic approaches or paid advertising. We work directly with Google, Facebook & Twitter Ad teams for best results. Organically, we increase followers by spending time each day using hashtags, following hundreds of people, liking other user’s posts, and much more.

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