Thousands of Jobs available for the Caribbean in 2017 – Eyes Wide Shut

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Picture a place when you wake up every work morning, you are making a cup of your favourite coffee, heading to your bedroom, dining room table or perhaps your hotel room balcony while travelling. Then, you’re turning on your laptop to connect to your business colleagues in Miami, London, Jamaica or even Brazil. Your work hours are very flexible and you control your own vacation. This is the new world and it is forever changing just as emerging technology by the minute.

We in the Caribbean need to understand the job industry is changing as well and we need to adjust. A vast number of people are working remotely on millions of projects around the world. Gone are the days where borders exists as it relates to jobs. There is a thriving internet job industry and I think that many people in the Caribbean are missing the big picture as it passes by daily. We spend time within our shores being distracted by viral main stream social media and not focused on where the internet money is.


Think of creating an online business using Shopify and Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) for eCommerce platforms. These are programs which allow you to sell goods internationally to millions of potential customers. In a recent survey of 1500 randomly selected Amazon sellers (2016), 54% of them sold up to $100K USD and 37% sold between $100K – $1M USD. Main stream social media is a vital part of the online atmosphere, but use it for your own viral marketing strategies to promote your products and services!

Let’s get creative! Let’s embrace manufacturing through the countries that do it well and join them in designing new products. Then we can export from that country and sell the items in other markets where there is a demand for them. Why only import to Barbados? Let’s just do international trade!

According to, Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean have high internet penetration rates but technology is being wasted and abused all day for some people while others globally flourish from the internet. How many times do we see these internet millionaires pop up in the media but yet most of us are not seeing the opportunity for it to be a source of income across many different industries.


We have many smart and educated minds in our communities that can easily secure hundreds of thousands of jobs which pay in USD. Why aren’t many of us going after these millions of jobs posted on and The online count of current jobs available at the time of writing this article was well over 10 Million. 10,968,295 jobs to be exact.


Think Freelancer! You can work within your own schedule and choose either quick jobs or long term contracts with businesses and clients. These options can also bring the second additional income that some people are searching for.


As more people living in the Caribbean find these jobs and contracts, let us urge banks in the Caribbean to upgrade so that we can seamlessly support global eCommerce platforms and merchant services. Caribbean people need to access funds earned faster in local bank accounts! Bitcoin companies are also emerging to also offer additional merchant facilities and access to your funds – that’s a work in progress.


Governments in the Caribbean need to push global trade and remote working while urging financial institutions to support and educate about eCommerce. We need to use the internet as the powerful tool it was made to be.


The Caribbean is said to be running out of options. Here are some on the table!

Article by Richie Quintyne


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